How To Send View Once On WhatsApp? [WhatsApp New Feature]

How To Send View Once On WhatsApp?: Messaging apps from Facebook are being done enough to automatically delete messages after a specified time.

After introducing media and text messages in Messenger and Instagram, after introducing media and text messages, it has also been introduced to the feature wats app.

The trial of ‘Wave Win’ was being made in a beta version for several weeks and now it has been presented to all users.

This new feature wats app is different from the introduced Disabled Features last year in which the messages are deleted from the feed within 7 days.

Photos and videos sent to this new feature can be seen once and then media files disappear.

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Send View Once On WhatsApp
View Once On WhatsApp

It is possible to take a screenshot of these images according to the company whose knowledge will not be sent.

Facebook founder of Facebook in June confirmed the introduction of this feature to introduce this feature, but at this time the details did not tell.

Wats app now announced its availability for all users on Twitter and it is available to all people.


According to the Wats app, this feature can be used to send sensitive information such as WiFi passwords.

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Now users do or do not do this, but still, there is a useful increase in the Wats app, especially compared to the disordering feature, which seems to be deleted to deleted messages.

How to use the feature
To use this feature, when an image or video uploads, the sand button will be seen in an equivalent of 1, which clicks on.

After doing so, mess up the mess and just.

The one you have sent messages to when he opens it, he will be deleted after seeing it.

And yes the picture you have sent will not show you the photo with just 1.

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According to the Wats app, you can not send these photos or videos for forward, safe, sturdy, or sharing which are sent or received under Keovin Setting.

Similarly, if the photo or video was not open within 14 days, it will disappear from the chat window.

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