Increase WhatsApp Audio Playback Speed [WhatsApp New Feature]


Increase WhatsApp Audio Playback Speed: WhatsApp has long had a voice message option that allows people to send short audio messages to their loved ones.

Audio messages feel better than writing and convey emotions better than writing.

They are also helpful for people who have difficulty typing messages.

But many times there is no time to listen to the full message and for such people, WhatsApp has quietly added the best.

WhatsApp now has a fast playback option for voice messages that allows a message to be heard at 1.5x or 2x speeds without affecting the sender’s voice.

Such a feature has been available in Telegram for a long time but it has now been introduced for WhatsApp users.


Learn how to use this feature.

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Play any voice message for this purpose.

When the message is played, its speed can be increased to 1.5 or 2x by clicking on the 1x icon in a corner.

How To Increase WhatsApp Audio Playback Speed?

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