iPhone Never Can Do These Works [iPhone Secrets]

The Android and iPhones are very similar to the same, but some work that can only pay Android, which is important.

Also, download the app from the store

One of the best things about smartphones is the ability to install different apps, as to listen to music, you will get different apps to purchase or find the way to travel, you are through Google Play on this app Android Or can download from the app store on iPhones, but when the matter is to download the apps out of these stores, it is not possible on the iPhone.

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Android users can also download the app from other websites, but the app store on the iPhone is everything, they can not download or install any app.

According to App Store, the option to download apps without an app store is to save users from malware or viruses, that is why Google also says that it is better downloading the applet from Google Play.

The ability to customize

The android phone gives you this option to make your default app to your default app, compared to that the iPhone runs a weld garden model where users can not get out of the limit fixed.

Android is a very open field, that consumers give enough control. In this, you can decorate your home screen with a weather, calendar, news headline identical information, this option is your mood to your operating system.

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Helps to adapt, but you can also change themes and launchers in Android.

Keep multiple user profiles

Android phones allow you to create multiple user profiles on the same phone, you will get the option to be logged in from the lock screen, if you give mobile to use your children, and want to If they do not see your things and messages, the option to create this new profile comes very much, but there is no more than one user in the iPhones, but also through the fees like Fees and Touch IDs.

Apart from using another device to another.

Cheap data cables

Android phones Standard Micro USB or USBC cable can charge and charge data.

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These cables are found everywhere, the new wire can be taken at a very low price if the cable is broken or damaged.

In comparison to this, the Apple Lighting Cable is an official that you will have enough expensive than the USBC.

3.5mm audio jack

Apple launches the iPhone suture in two thousand sixteen, justified 3.5 micro-meter Jack, it is the common jack that we use in our headphones and Eights, iPhone with its place locking connector or wireless airports When it comes, some Android phones are also running on the same step and they do not have 3.5 micro-meter jacks, but most of the Android phones still exist this headphones jack.

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