Is Incognito Mode Safe? [Google Private Window]


Is Incognito Mode Safe?: Many people use incognito mode in the Google Chrome web browser, thinking that such websites will not be able to identify them or that they will be able to work anonymously on their network.

But that’s not true, because when using incognito mode, the browser doesn’t currently record your history, bookmarks, imports, or any online account login details, but it doesn’t hide your identity, ie your IPS and Other data is stored in the website to be opened.

And that’s why Google is now suing for collecting users’ Internet data in incognito mode.

A U.S. court has rejected an alphabet corporation’s request to dismiss a lawsuit filed over incognito data collection.

Lucy Coe, a federal judge in California, ruled that Google’s collection of data in private browsing mode did not alert users.

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Three Google users filed a lawsuit in June, alleging that the company continued its data tracking business in incognito mode and that Google collected data on browsing history and other web activity.

This is done, although users feel that their data is protected in this private mode.

The application added: “Google knows who your friends are, what your hobbies are, what you like to eat, what movies you watch, what is your favorite tourist destination, what is your favorite color and the internet.”


But Google is aware of any embarrassing content you browse, even if you keep your activities private in accordance with the company’s guidelines.

Google, on the other hand, said in its response to the court that it clearly informs users about data collection.

“Google has clearly stated on the page that incognito does not mean disappearance, it will show the user’s activities to websites and third-party analytics or advertising services will also know about it,” the company said.

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Earlier in 2019, a study revealed that if a user is viewing any type of pornographic or pornographic content in incognito mode, several companies, including Google, Facebook, and even Oracle Cloud, are secretly tracking it.

What are you looking at?

A joint study by Microsoft, Carnegie Mellon University, and the University of Pennsylvania found that after reviewing more than 22,000 pornographic websites through a tool, 93% of the pages tracked users and leaked user data to third-party entities. Are

According to the researchers, these porn sites are tracked by several large companies and a total of 230 different companies and services have been identified that track user.

According to researchers, Google tracks 74% of sites, Oracle 24%, and Facebook 10% of websites.

“The majority of such large companies are based in the United States, and the privacy policies of pornographic websites are not easy for everyone to understand, but our analysis shows that they are in the websites,” he said.

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Data such as gender identity or user interest is leaked.

According to researchers, most people do not know that incognito mode does not only store browsing history in the computer, but the sites visited by the user and third-party trackers can track the user’s online actions.

Data from viewers of pornographic material may or may not be used to display advertisements.

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