Jeff Bezos Resigned as Chief Executive of Amazon


Jeff Bezos Resigned as Chief Executive of Amazon: Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, who has been the world’s richest man for many years, has announced his resignation from the post of chief executive of his company.

Jeff Bezos will continue to be the company’s executive chairman, but the position of CEO has now been taken over by Andy Jesse, head of Amazon’s web services.

The shocking announcement came as Amazon released its latest financial results.

Amazon’s business grew significantly during the Coronavirus epidemic, selling over 100 100 billion for the first time in the last quarter of 2020.

Jeff Bezos, 57, founded Amazon in 1994 when he learned from an article that the Internet had expanded by 2,300 percent in one year, and the statistics stunned him, so he decided to take advantage of Decided to search.

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They listed twenty potential products that could be sold online and found books to be the best option.

For his new experience (there was no such thing as an online company at the time), he left the top position at Deshaw, after which he moved to Texas and borrowed a car from his father, after which he moved to Seattle to Laid in a garage.


During this time he often visited his neighbors Burns & Noble Booksellers.

In the first month of Amazon’s launch, the company sold books to people in all 50 US states and 45 different countries, after which its shares went public on May 15, 1997.

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Initially, analysts called it the bomb because they thought it would end soon, but it didn’t.

Today it sells almost everything online, from books around the world.

Jeff Bezos himself currently owns 197 197 billion in assets and his company leads the way in cloud computing, groceries, electronics, and entertainment.

“Amazon is a symbol of diversity, I see Amazon at a critical juncture and this is the best time for a change,” Jeff Bezos said in a statement on the eve of his resignation.

Jeff Bezos has been taking an interest in areas other than Amazon, such as space exploration and ownership of the Washington Post, but leaving the post of Amazon CEO is an unexpected announcement.


Andy Jesse, 52, has been a part of Amazon since 1997 and manages Amazon Web Services, which provides cloud computing and storage services to governments and companies.

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The sector accounted for 52% of gross profit during the last quarter of 2020.

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