Netflix Android App’s New Features Introduced For Users


Netflix Android App’s New Features Introduced For Users: Netflix is the world’s most popular streaming service with millions of subscribers.

Now this service has introduced a great feature for users using Android phones called Download for U.

This feature automatically downloads shows and movies that can be viewed offline or without the internet, keeping in mind the user’s interest.

  • This new feature goes one step further than smart downloads.
  • The Smart Downloads feature deletes movies or shows that the user has watched offline.
  • Download for You automatically downloads specific movies or shows to your phone or mobile device.
  • The user can allocate specific memory access for this content such as 1 GB, 3 GB, or 5 GB.
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Netflix said the files will be downloaded when the device is connected to Wi-Fi and the feature will not work on mobile data.

Whether you like to watch a comedy or romantic comedy on a long trip without the internet, we are always doing something new for your entertainment and this new feature is for this purpose, according to a statement issued by the company. Is.

To turn this feature on, Android users can open the app, go to Downloads and turn on Download for U-Turn.

The company said the feature is now available for Android users worldwide and will soon be tested on iOS devices.


Netflix Android App’s New Features Introduced For Users

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