New Features Of Apple iPhone 13 [2021]

New Features Of Apple iPhone 13: Apple’s new iPhones will be introduced at some time in September and enough details about them are also leaked.

But iPhone 13 will likely be the world’s first smartphone that will have the ability to text and phone calls without cellular signals or WiFi.

Analyzer leaving Apple Device’s Triable Details Ming-Chi Kei told about an unusual rumor about this year’s iPhone series.

He said that in the new iPhones, the Communications of the Satellites surrounding the lower orbit of the earth will be the feature of Concertility.

This feature will be part of the series for Costume Qualum X 60 modems, which will make phone calls, send messages, and acquisition of Internet services in the areas where cellular coverage will not exist.

This is a feature that is not yet present in any smartphone.

Ming-Chi Kei further said that network operators will have to work closely with satellite communication providers so that the iPhones can work on additional costs without a satellite network.

There is an N53 frequency band in various satellite companies such as Global Star’s Seattle, which supports a new X-65-five JODEM mode.

The Space Star Link Seattle Program also provides people’s satellite broadband internet service.

Ming-Chi Kei claimed that Apple is optimistic about Satellite Communications and thus wants to strengthen its grip in the market.


Now this feature really becomes part of the new iPhone or not, its knowledge will be done in the coming weeks.

It is believed that according to a leak, the iPhone_13 will be introduced on September 14, on September 24, they will be available to consumers.

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According to the leak, Apple will be announced on September 7, September 14 will be announced and from September 17 new iPhone pre-order and market will be available from September 24.

The leak further said that all the models of the iPhone 13 series will be presented simultaneously for sale.

Earlier, 2020 iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12 Pro Max were presented for sale a month later than 2 models.

According to the previous lex, 4 new iPhones will also be introduced in 2021, including 5.4-inch iPhone 13 mini, 6.1-inch iPhone 13, 6.1-inch iPhone 1 Pro, and 6.7-inch iPhone 13 Pro Max.

The new iPhone will be Apple’s new AK 15 processor, which is at least 20 percent compared to A 14, while utility will be 30% higher.

This year’s devices in the iPhone Mini, iPhone 13, and 13 Pro are 4352 MAH battery in iPhone 13 Pro Max in iPhone 13, iPhone 13, and 13 PRO compared to iPhone 2020.

It is believed that the iPhone 12 mini was 2227 MAH, 2815 MAH in iPhone 12 and 12 Pro while 12 Pro Max was given 3687 MAH battery.

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It is difficult to say something to Apple’s announcement about the prices of this series, but it can be estimated to some extent from different reports.

According to Lexus, This Phone price is more likely to be equal to iPhone 12.

That is, the basic model of the iPhone can be available for $ 799 (more than one1,31,000 rupees).

The iPhone 12 is being declared the most selling phone in the world this year and Apple has earned record profits.

Therefore, it is also more likely that the price of The Apple Phone series models will be as much as the previous year’s phones will be less.

Sam Sing did with Galaxy S 21, which was reduced to $ 200 to 200 dollars and this series was quite popular.

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