Send Schedule Text Message On Android Phone


Send Schedule Text Message On Android Phone: Do you think it will be difficult to wish a loved one or a friend a happy birthday after 12 midnight? So worry now.

Google Messages can now be used to schedule and send messages at any time and date.

Google has long been working to make its text messaging app on Android phones look like Facebook’s proprietary application to beat WhatsApp.

Google has now introduced the SMS Schedule feature in the Messages app, which has been tested since last year.

Text messages schedule is one of the updates made by Google in various Android apps.

Before scheduling SMS in Google Messages, you need to update to a newer version of this app and install it if not on the phone, as this feature will not work in the phone’s default text message app.

If you don’t know how to make Google Messages the default messaging app, don’t worry because the first time you open this app, it will ask you to create a default app.


To use this feature, you have to hold down the send button for a while after typing a message on the desired number or chat window.

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Doing so will bring up 4 options, of which 3 will have a default time while the fourth will allow you to choose the date and time of your choice.

After doing so, a preview of the scheduled message will appear in the chat & the user will be able to change, send or delete the message immediately.

Not only text but also photos and videos can be scheduled in Google Messages.

Remember that Google introduced Android Messages in 2018 which aims to give users a chance to see an initial glimpse of RCS and use it instead of the standard SMS app in their phone.

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SMS is a 160-character service that has existed for decades, but today’s phones are more powerful and users demand more features, and that’s what led to the success of WhatsApp and Messenger.

Now Google wants to beat them with this new service in which the user will get the services of Google’s digital assistant along with other features.


Google Messages is primarily part of the company’s Rich Communications Service (RCS), which has been in operation since 2016 and will replace the SMS or Short Message service, which has been around for over 25 years.

It will be able to use features such as Wi-Fi chat, high-resolution photo, and video sending and receiving, Red Receipt, typing indicators, group chats, and add or remove people in group chats.

After 2 years of effort, in 2020 Google finally started giving access to this alternative to SMS to Android users around the world (excluding China and Russia).

Now, instead of Smartphone companies, Google will provide direct RCS chat services through the Android Messages app, which just needs to be installed and used instead of the default text application.

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After difficulties in partnering with mobile companies around the world, Google took over in 2019 and gradually began providing RCS services directly to various countries, waiting for local mobile companies to do so. Not done

In November 2020, Google announced that the process was complete and that RCS services are now available to everyone worldwide via Android Messages.

In other words, it can be said that the era of SMS has finally come to an end after this step of Google.


Send Schedule Text Message On Android Phone


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