Suzuki Introduced Most Powerful and Fastest Motor Bike


Suzuki Introduced Most Powerful and Fastest Motor Bike: Suzuki has introduced the third-generation model of its most powerful motorcycle Hayabusa.

Hayabusa 2022 was introduced by Suzuki Motor Corporation on February 5, which will first be introduced in Europe later this month.

It will then gradually become available to consumers around the world.

This new model has been updated a lot and the design of the third-generation model is better than before, in which the two-tone body color is notable.

There is an LED headlight on the front of the motorcycle while built-in position lights have been added for turn signals.
  • It has a 1340 cc inline four-cylinder, liquid coal engine now with Euro 5 standard.
  • The engine also has a ride-by-wire electronic throttle system.
  • According to the company, the new setup is to increase output and torque in the midrange.
  • The engine output is 187.7 horsepower and has 6-speed transmissions.
  • The total weight of the motorcycle is 264 kg while the company claims that the fuel mileage is 14.9 km per liter.
  • This means that this motorcycle is capable of traveling about 15 km on a liter of petrol.
  • The motorcycle features the company’s new Intelligent Ride system.
  • This allows the system operator to enable 5 riding modes.
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These riding modes include power mode selector, engine brake control, traction control, bi-directional quick shift system, and anti-lift control system.

There is also a feature called Active Speed ​​Limiter and the name suggests that it allows the rider to set the speed limit of the bike, i.e. 186 km per hour.


The price of this motorcycle is also staggering which is 18 thousand 599 dollars (more than 29 lakh 76 thousand Pakistani rupees).

Suzuki Introduced Most Powerful and Fastest Motor Bike

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