Telegram Became The Most Downloaded App in The World


Telegram Became The Most Downloaded App in The World: As a result of WhatsApp’s new privacy policy, the messaging application Telegram became the most downloaded app in the world for the first time in a month.

According to a report by Sensor Tower, Telegram was the most downloaded non-gaming app in January 2021, surpassing Tic Tac Toe, Facebook, and Instagram.

In all, the telegram was downloaded more than 63 million times in January, 3.8 times more than in January 2020.

The highest number of telegrams was downloaded in India, followed by Indonesia.

Earlier, in December 2020, Telegram was 9th and was not even in the top 10 in the App Store.

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However, in January 2021, it was the fourth most downloaded number in the Google Play Store and the fourth in the App Store.

Overall, Telegram was first, Tick Talk second, Signal third, Facebook fourth, and WhatsApp the fifth most downloaded app.

Apple was the number one tick in the App Store, followed by YouTube, then Zoom, and Telegram at number four.

Signals came second in the Google Play Store after Telegram, followed by TikTok, MX Talk Tick, and Facebook Top 5 apps.

It should be noted that the controversy over the new privacy policy since the beginning of January has definitely benefited WhatsApp’s rival apps.

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The signal was downloaded by 7.5 million people in Google Play and the App Store worldwide between January 6 and 10, after WhatsApp announced the implementation of the new policy on February 8.

On the other hand, the number of people turning to telegrams increased significantly.

Between January 6 and 10, 9 million new users downloaded Telegram.


On January 12, Telegram said in a tweet that the number of active subscribers to the messaging service would exceed 500 million, with over 25 million new subscribers joining the service in the last 72 hours, 38% of whom were from Asia.

27% are from Europe, 21% from Latin America, and 8% from the Middle East.

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