Update Google Chrome Right Now [Latest News]

Update Google Chrome Right Now [Latest News]: The auto-update feature in Google Chrome means we don’t usually have to think about newer versions, but sometimes users need to make sure they upgrade.

That still needs to be done.

Google has begun the process of introducing the Chrome 88 version for Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems, which has fixed an issue that is not a minor issue but a major one.

In a blog post, security researcher Matthias Beyonc reported vulnerabilities in the web browser’s web assembly and JavaScript engine V8, which could allow an attacker to hack a computer.

Google did not disclose the details of the problem and called it CVE-2021-21148, saying it was aware of bug reports, so update Chrome immediately.

Google said in a statement that bug details and links could be restricted until the majority of users update their browsers, including updates to fix the bug.

The company said that if there was a bug in the third-party library, the restrictions would be maintained.

Whatever the bug, users should update their browsers.

Note that version 88 of Google Chrome has also added a new password manager that will provide support for password security.

To use it, after updating the browser, click on the profile image in the right corner, then go to the option of the key icon below, and then check the password option.

Doing so will bring up a new screen where Google will tell you which services’ passwords have been hacked in the past and which passwords are weak.

Google is not the first company to offer such a service, but Chrome is the most used browser in the world, so this is a very useful update in this regard.

Chrome 88 has undergone a number of changes, including better light and dark themes and more.

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