Upgrade Windows 11 For Free [Complete Details]


Upgrade Windows 11 For Free: Microsoft on June 24 introduced the new operating system Windows 11.

If you have a Windows 10 install on your computer or desktop, the new Windows 11 will be downloaded free.

Windows will be available for ordinary users at the end of 11 years and the micro software has announced that it will be free upgrades, just it will have to complete the system requirements.

For this new operating system, more computing power will require more than the basic requirement of Windows.

The most important thing will be the presence of a security chip Trusted Module 2.0 that is designed to store the login information.

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If this chip does not exist in every computer and it is better in your machine, it is better to turn it on, but its procedure is not easy for ordinary users.


Your computer or laptop meets the Windows 11 system or not to know how to download the Micro Soft PC Health Check app.

This app can be detected if the computer is eligible for Windows 11 or not or what is the lack of TPM chip is to activate etc.

The company was not explained that why TPM needs to be needed, but the blog post said that since Windows 10 has been 6 years, so much more in the world of computers has changed.

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The company said that the basic system requirements have been updated in Windows and to benefit from modern technology in Windows.

Another feature change will require Internet Concertility to install the Windows 11 Home Edition and for the first time, the Microsoft account will be completed.

For Windows 11, a computer requires a GHz or more power process while at least Dual Core 64 BIT chip will also be needed.

In comparison to this, 32 BIT was considered enough for Windows 10.


Minimum System Requirements For Windows 11

Another change is memory and will require at least 4 GB ram and 64 GB storage for Windows 11, which requires a GB ram and 32 GB storage in Windows 10.

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Upgrade Windows 11

Graphics and display requirements have also been extended and compatible with a graphics card or CPU Director X 12 to run Windows 11.

The device requires at least 720p resolutions in Windows 10 requires a Direct X 9 and 800 bay 600-pixel screen.

As it has been listed above, Windows 11 will be available at the end of the year for ordinary users and there are several months left to start the free upgrade process, then currently there is no need to upgrade.

Complete Introduction of Windows 11



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