WhatsApp Introduced New Feature [Costume Wallpapers For Chats]


Whatsapp Introduced New Feature [Costume Wallpapers For Chats]: WhatsApp has announced the introduction of a replacement feature costume wallpaper for its users, which aims to stop people from sending messages to the incorrect window.

By the way, the introduction of this feature was also announced in December, but now it’s available to all or any users.

This feature allows the user to use different images within the background of every chat.

Needless to mention, almost everyone on WhatsApp has more contact with some people and fewer interactions with others.

So now people that have more conversations can use costume wallpaper to differentiate their chat window from others.

It is also a useful gizmo to make sure that the message isn’t sent to the incorrect person (after sending, it’s to be deleted during a hurry which is additionally known to the opposite person).

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WhatsApp has also said that this new feature will help users identify different chats and stop them from accidentally sending messages to a different person.


The addition of this feature comes as WhatsApp has come under attack in recent months for its new privacy policy.

The policy was announced to require effect on February 8, 2021, and users were warned that they need to accept it or their accounts are going to be deleted.

However, WhatsApp’s policy was heavily criticized by users around the world, and its rival apps Telegram and Signal also saw an enormous increase in the number of users.

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The company then postponed its decision to delete the accounts from January 16 until May.

In a recent blog post, WhatsApp said it might start reminding users to review and accept updates to continue using the messaging platform.

WhatsApp added: “We’ve added more information to deal with these concerns and to deal with them.”

The messaging app said that within the coming weeks, a banner is going to be added to WhatsApp, which can provide users with more information about the privacy policy that they will read on their own.


The new policy will become on May 15 and albeit the new policy isn’t accepted by the purchasers at the request of the corporate, they’re going to be ready to receive calls and notifications for a brief period of your time but won’t be ready to send or read messages within the app.

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This short time’ is going to be several weeks while a link to the new page of the FAQ is additionally given which details the steps crazy reference to such users.

The company clarified that deactivated customers will still be ready to accept the new policy or updates after May 15.

Regarding such inactive users, the WhatsApp policy clarifies that accounts are usually deleted 20 120 days after inactivity.

Whatsapp Introduced New Feature [Costume Wallpapers For Chats]




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