Why Zong Network is Down In Pakistan Cities? [Latest Update]


Why Zong Network is Down In Pakistan Cities? [Latest Update]: China Mobile Pakistan (CMP) ie Zong customers have been facing difficulties in using the service in different cities of the country since yesterday.

The social networking site Twitter has received frequent complaints from users about network failures.

Most of the users are experiencing internet problems while some are having problems making calls and suspension of signals due to SIM not working.

However, despite the announcement of service restoration by Zong, a certain number of users are facing difficulties in using the mobile service.

Zong’s tweet on social networking site Twitter following consumer complaints blamed an unexpected commercial power outage for the network glitch.

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“Zong’s services were temporarily shut down in some areas, the power problem has been resolved and services have been restored, we apologize for the inconvenience,” the tweet said.

Later last night, another problem occurred in Zong’s network where some users were facing service suspension while others claimed that they were able to access other services including the internet without a recharge.


After which Zong’s hashtag was trending on social media and humorous comments were also being made by users.

A user named Danish Kaleem said that after free calls and internet usage on Zong, people are demanding such a service for life.

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A user named Hamza said that after providing free service to Zong customers, he was demanding from his network.

A user named Zara said that after getting free internet and minutes, Zong users reacted.

A user named Babar said that the reaction of Jazz / Warid, Telenor, and Ufone users to Zong users is something like this.

However, most of the users are still facing difficulties in providing services, one user said that their SIM is not working.

According to a Pakistani Twitter handle, Zong’s service is not working and there are no signals on his SIM.


It is to be noted that Zong did not give the reason for the problems faced by the consumers today, however, it is a unique incident of its kind that some consumers did not have access to the service and some even claimed free service.

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It should be noted that Zong is considered to be the best telecom company providing 4G service in Pakistan, which has 11,000 4G towers across the country.

According to the company, the number of Zong4G users across the country is more than 13 million.

Why Zong Network is Down In Pakistan Cities?

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