26 Ways to Get High Quality Backlinks for your Website or Blog

How To Get High Quality Back Links ?

when over we talk about Search Engine Optimization (SEO), we Divide it into on Page SEO and Off Page SEO. Off Page SEO mainly contains Social Signals & Back links, to boost your Website / Blog Ranking In SERP’s you need to get High Quality Back links From other authority websites. we all know what is the Importance of Search Engine Traffic and that getting Quality link to Your Website / blog is one of the Greatest ways to improve your Website / Blog Rankings and get better Traffic from Search Engine and Results, This post will tell you 26 Ways to Create High Quality Back links
Though Before Move Ahead, here are some things that you must need to keep in mind. in 2012 Google Launched Penguin Updates. Which is Target to Get Rid of Websites Using Spam-my Or Paid Ways to Create Back links.

Create High Quality Back links To Your Website / Blog

Broken Back links Building

This Method will Help you to get Quick Links From High Quality Pages. Broken Link Creating technique is to find broken links on a site (related to your niche) & Email the Content Owner & Notify them about Broken Links. Along with that, give them a similar Back link From your Website (Similar Post Which you have Create one Already), & Ask Them To Update  Their Content.
  1. Submit Guest Post To Other Blogs / Websites
  2. Give Comment on Do Follow Blogs & Make Sure these Blogs / Post relevant to your own Blogs. They might Not to Caryy too much of back link Value , But it ‘ll still be Beneficial for overall Link Profile of your Website / Blog.
  3. Start Relevant Threads in Forums & Link To your Website / Blog Posts
  4. Link Your Blog / Website in your Forum Signatures (High Quality Forums only)
  5. Social Bookmarking is also Considered as Back links & you Should Target Following Famous Social Networks (Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Linked In and Pinterest)
  6. Make Use of Discussion Boards By Link to your Website / Blog in Threads Quora is one Such HQ Discussion Board.
  7. Use Blogging Communities by Submitting Your Blog/ Website Posts to them, Some Great Places to start are Blog Engage
  8. Ask Questions Related to Your Blog / Website in Answer Websites Like Yahoo Answers & Link To your Blog / Website in your Questions
  9. Answers Questions in Yahoo Answers & Cite your Blog / Website as Source
  10. Interlink To Your site & other Post on your site when writing on Your Site.
  11. Exchange links with Other Blog / websites  in Your Niche. Make Sure to Form Link Pyramid & Keep it Natural
  12. Submit Your Blog / Website to Top Blogging Directories (only High Quality Directories) Click Here and Download List
  13. Network with others Blog owners in your Niche (online & Offline) and links ‘ll automatically Follow you.
  14. Submit your Website / Blog post to all Social Bookmarking Websites you Know
  15. Submit your site to your Top Social Networking Sites
  16. Submit your Article To Stumbleupon
  17. Work on making Your Blog / site go Viral on Top Social Bookmarking Websites this alone can Bring you Tongs of high Quality Links From high Authority Websites.
  18. Submit Your RSS Feed To Rss Directories Click and Download list
  19. Most Quality able Forums have a Website Review Forum, Review your site on this Forums.
  20. Release a Free Word Press Plugins & including a link To your Blog / Site in it But don’t Keep it Sitewide
  21. Convert Your Blog posts to PDF Format & Submit it to Document Sharing Websites You Can Search From Google
  22. Use Groups Like Google Groups or Yahoo Groups
  23. Create a Wikipedia Page For yourself & and Include Your Website Link in the Resource Section
  24. Submit your Images to online images Directories & Include a link to your Blog / Site in its Copyright notice & as a requirement to use it.
  25. Write on About.com & link to your Blog/ site in it , this will help you to increase Back links to your Blog / Website.
  26. Write a List of the “top ten (10) Myths” or “top ten (10) mistakes” about something

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