How to check my laptop screen size ? Complete Guide

How to check my laptop screen size?

Laptops screens are available in a range of size from as small as 10 Inches to as largest size is 21 Inches. The Largest Screen Readily available, mass produce laptops that offer a wide range of brand & features choices fall into the twenty one inches category. The actual screen size varies from 20.7 inches to around 21 inches depending on the laptop. The 21 inch Laptops are designed to have plenty of room inside the case of components & have similar screen.

Smaller screen laptops tend to be lighter and more portable while larger screen laptops can be more easier to use & pleasant to use. If you are thinking about purchasing a new laptop of a different screen size or recommending yours to a relative or friend you might want to know screen size of your current laptop. Unfortunately Determining Size of Screens can be confusing, since the size is not measured straight across the device screen either vertically or horizontally.
So These are Some Ways to Check Laptop Screen Size

Check screen size by measuring Tap

Always screens are typically measured in inches, though different regions will choose metric over imperial. You can convert your measurement after, the fact if you need.

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How to check my laptop screen size?

First find your starting point of measurement always screens are measured diagonally, So Starting point of measurement will be either the left – bottom or right-bottom  corner of the laptop screen. The measurement only accounts for the actual laptop screen, not the enclosure, so you start your measurement with measuring tap at the very corner where the start visible part of the screen.

Now extend your measuring tap to the opposite corner of the screen. “Remember: that you are measuring only visible portion of the screen, not enclosure.” To make the size sound more impressive, screens were originally measured diagonally.

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Convert your measurement to 10th of an inch. Most retailers advertise screens in 10th of inches (15.3, 17.1, etc) but most measuring tap are marked in sixths of an inch. If you want to know about retail number that your laptop screen would be labeled, refer to this common size chart.

How to check my laptop screen size?

Check Laptop Screen Size without Measuring

Laptop Screen Size Checking From System

It’s very easy and simple way to check laptop screen size by this method you can determine easily laptop model number, screen size, motherboard’s model number and company name.
If you are using window 7 then go to start button > programs > Accessories > System Information. You use “DXIAG” command for this (for all windows).

How to check my laptop screen size?
Go to search bar and type command “DXDIAG” press enter, a popup window will be open (System Information). On this window you can check Complete System information, Display Information, Company Name, Model Number, Motherboard information, screen size, Chip Type (Graphics Information ). RAM And ROM Etc.

Checking Screen Size by Internet (Google)

By this method simple type laptop company name with model number in google search bar or open company official website and get complete details about this model. If you have internet then it’s very easy and simple way to checking laptop screen size in minute. Without using any measuring tape.

How to check my laptop screen size?

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