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How to Rank Blog easily on Search Engine: These Days everyone wants more visitors/ traffic on his website/blog for more earning and wants to rank a blog on Search Engine.
But he cannot pay a lot of money for buying visitors for his website or blog.
So SEO Search Engine Optimization is a Free and good way to increase your blog rank and increase your earning. But most people don’t know about SEO how to do it and how to do SEO-friendly posts in his blog.
In this post, we tell you how to do SEO Friendly posts on your Blog / Website and how to get blog rank on Search Engine Easily and Fast.

Some Necessary Things for SEO Friendly Post

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Post words Strength

Your Blog/ Website post must be a minimum of 300 – 400 words Unique Good Grammar and meaning able
Don’t use copied Data and rewrite Data. If you use copied and rewrite good  can  do blacklist your website/blog

Post Title

Any Website / Blog post title is very important for ranking your blog/website on a Search Engine.
  • Use Focus Keyword in your Post tile
  • Give Short and Attractive Title
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Post Permalink

  • Don’t Use Stop Word in your post-Permalink.
  • Make Permalink Related to your Post Title
  • use focus Keyword in your post Permalink

Post Description

Post Description is also very important for increase your blog rank.
  • Give Attractive post Description
  • Use Focus Keyword in your Blog / Website post Description

Focus Keyword in post for the rank blog

  • Give Focus keyword in your post 1st Paragraph
  • Keep your Focus keyword density 2% in your post
  • Highlight your Focus Keyword in the post
  • Use Focus Keyword in H2 Tag

Link Post to other

  • Give an internal link to your other related topics posts
  • Link your post to high-Quality Websites like Microsoft, Wikipedia, and Yahoo, etc.
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Media in Post

  • Give 2 photos in your Post
  • Give your focus keyword in the photo alt tag
  • If you have the related video you can use it also in your post.

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