How To Secure Android Mobile Phone ?- Secret Tricks

How To Secure Android Mobile Phone ?- Secret Tricks
Hi Friends! Welcome To Pak Studio , Today we are going to share with you. How to secure android phone easily ?Which security system is good for you ?

If you Don’t Know English Good Please Watch complete video below if you want to secure your android phone 100%.These days everyone want to secure by new systems and 90% don’t know that android phone have amazing security system. So We tell you complete procedure step by step.

Follow These Step to Secure your Android Phone.

NOTE: we are using Samsung Mobile phone and other mobile phones have different options…

  • No Need any Mobile application of other things simple open android phone settings.Click on lock screen and security if you have other company mobile options can be change.
  • After open Phone Settings click on other security setting / advance security settings. You can see this picture. I remained you again that I am using Samsung phone and if you are using other companies phone setting may be change.
  • After Click on other security setting a new window will open you can see in picture.. Scroll down and watch Trust Agents click on this option.
  • After Click a new window will open you will see smart lock (Google). Simple click and on it. Now move back to Settings
  • Now return back on setting ( lock screen and security settings) and now click on Secure lock settings.
  • After click on Secure lock settings  a new will open and now click on Smart Lock , you can see in given picture.
  • Give your pattern , Password or pin code & Read all about smart lock and click on Under Stand.
  • Smart lock setting will open in new window . Here you will see four security options I explain all one by one.
  1. On-body Detection
  2. Trusted Places
  3. Trusted Devices
  4. Trusted Voice
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  • On-body Detection

On body detection mean mobile will detect you body like hand ,face and other parts of body, when your mobile is in your hand mobile will unlocked  as you keep it any where you mobile will atomically locked, That’s amazing security system.. No need to tens about mobile security.

  • Trusted Places

Trusted place mobile security is also amazing, mobile will detect your location which you have add. If your mobile is under this location area mobile is unlocked as your mobile will cross your given location your mobile will automatically locked.

  • Trusted Devices

In this option you can use devices, like Bluetooth watch, Bluetooth headphones and  car Bluetooth, For example. Your mobile is connected with card Bluetooth anybody want to take it and go away from car as mobile disconnect . Mobile also locked automatically. It is also amazing.

  • Trusted Voice.

In this option you can add voice security , no one can unlock your phone without your voice. When you give your special voice command mobile will unlocked. Otherwise mobile will locked .

Auto Factory Reset…

Go back to Security Lock settings and on Auto Factory Reset..
It’s mean anyone try wrong, password , pin and other security 15 time. Mobile will auto reset. Your all data. Images, applications and videos, mean no can see or get your personal data.
You can use any way to secure your android phone easily….

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