How To Secure WiFi From Hackers | Wi-Fi Hacking

How To Secure WIFI From Hackers | Wi-Fi Hacking Protection Tips: Cybercriminals are always trying to find insecure internet connections, connecting their devices to the connection that creates their job easier.

they will then steal your personal information and download confidential files that you simply don’t want anyone to access. To avoid all such attacks and hassles, you would like to secure your Wi-Fi connection.

Four points are vital for this.

Testing of devices connected to the network

If you would like to secure your Wi-Fi network, you want to first check the devices connected to Wi-Fi to ascertain which devices are connected thereto.

Remove devices you’re unacquainted with immediately. to try to do this, follow the following pointers and Learn How To Secure WIFI From Hackers

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1. confirm your computer is connected to your router via wireless or cable.
2. Open your computer’s browser. Type your IP address within the address bar.
3. After entering your router’s settings attend the Connected Devices option which can show you all the devices connected to the router.

4. Here you’ll scan the devices connected to the router. If you’re not conscious of these devices, like computers, mobiles, etc., then close up all Wi-Fi connected devices and check each device separately in order that you’ll determine the unrelated connection. Coins

5. After turning off all connected devices, remove any device that’s still connected to Wi-Fi immediately.
You can also use a program to watch Wi-Fi.

Such programs will tell you about devices that automatically hook up with Wi-Fi. It also scans the Wi-Fi network and monitors the devices connected thereto.

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Wi-Fi protection from unauthorized users

When you check for devices connected to Wi-Fi, you’ll find unauthorized devices that are using your network. therein case, you’ll protect the connection by encrypting it. Multiple routers offer the choice to encrypt the connection.

However, avoid using routers that support WEP. this is often an old technology that’s easy to hack. In contrast, hackers cannot access devices that encrypt WPA2 or WPA2-PSK AES protocols.

Change password

If you discover out that your Wi-Fi is getting used by an unknown person, first change their password, then choose a robust and sophisticated password.

Also, rename the default network. Connect your devices to the router after changing the password and taking other security measures.

If your router doesn’t have these sorts of options then it’s time to think about buying a replacement router that has these options.

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Build a guest network

Whenever guests and friends come to the house, they need to use Wi-Fi. to guard your devices in such a situation, you’ll create a personal network called Guest Network.

This way you’ll easily keep your devices far away from guests and friends without them having access. Similarly, to avoid shared files and other confusions, create a Guest Network which will be created by changing the SSID password.

However, you continue to need to look out for it just like the security of your main router, which suggests creating a robust password and restricting it to shared files and devices.

It is also important to notice that you simply have blocked all access to your system which will allow others to enter your system.

How To Secure Wi-Fi/Wireless Networks From Hackers


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