Increase Website Traffic Within 7 Days (1M+ Unique Visitors)


Increase Website Traffic Within 7 Days (1M+ Unique Visitors): For any business Clients, Visitors and Buyers are the main part of Business Success.

If you have a Website or Blog, I am sure that you want to generate revenue.

But the main problem is how I can generate revenue?

So You Need More Traffic / Visitors for your Website or Blog.

Don’t Worry In this article we tell you amazing ways to get more traffic for your website or blog.

There are Some Ways to Increase Website Traffic

Social Media Platforms

Social Signals are very important for instant traffic and will also help to increase the website rank in search engines. but you should choose some good Social media Platforms don’t worry I tell you which is best for your website.


1. Facebook

Facebook is a great and very amazing free advertising platform where you can make 5000 friends or create your page and get unlimited like as a community.

It has Up to 2.7 Billon Monthly active Users, which’s amazing, if you can move only 1% of users monthly to your website I am sure you will be rich, you can complete your dreams.

  • Simple Make Friends and Create Your Page and invite it with your friends and also join Facebook Groups.
  • Share Your Website or Blog post Urls in Facebook Groups and Your Created Facebook Page.
  • This is free but you need some hard work to a start, if you have the money you can get paid traffic by placing Facebook ads
  • You can Use Some Plugins or Scripts to Share Your Blog posts or article URLs automatically on Facebook Pages and Profiles. Like Jetpack WordPress Plugin.
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2. Twitter

Twitter is also a very large social media website. it has 330 Million Monthly Active Users. Just follow the trends and retweet. Get More Followers and Get More Traffic for your blog or website.

Share your post with hashtags on Your Twitter Profile You can Use auto-posting plugins like Jetpack and another script for easy working or save your time.

I am sure if you work on Twitter you can increase website traffic easily and you will also generate Website revenues.

3. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is an amazing social media platform where you can share your full article, Create your own blog on Linkedin.


You need more connections on Linkedin. Simple connect Other people and increase your Linkedin Connections. Linkedin has Upto 755 Million Active Users.

Create Your own Job ad and share Your post URLs and Move a high amount of users to your website.

Jetpack is the best tool to share your post to Linkedin Automatically.

4. Pinterest

Pinterest is the largest platform for pinned images, just create a pinboard and pin your blog post/images with your post URLs.

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if you search any post on Google and another search engine you will found many posts are ranked with Pinterest.

Pinterest has the highest domain authority and has great ability to rank its post on Search Engines.


It has Up to 320 Million Monthly active users.

I am sure if you use Pinterest, your website traffic will be an increase within 7 days and your website will be ranked very soon on Search Engines.

Blog2Social WordPress Plugin is very used fully for sharing your blog/website posts URLs with a short description on Pinterest and automatically

5. Medium

Medium is the largest article / story-sharing website where you can share your website articles as a story and get traffic for your website easily.

  • Simple Share Your Website Posts on Medium as Story and give original article (Your Article) URL as a backlink.
  • I am sure by this you can get high traffic and increase your website rank in Google and Other Search Engines.
  • It has 153 Active users which are ready to read your story and ready to move to your website.
  • you can Share your article/story on Medium Automatically simple use Blog2Social Wordpres Plugin.

WordPress Plugins for Increase Website Traffic

if you are using WordPress, you need some plugins which will help to increase your website traffic easily I recommend some very important plugins for you.

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1. Yoest SEO

This plugin will help you to improve your On-page SEO. if your article on-page SEO is good, I am sure that your article ranking will be easy on Search Engine.


2. JetPack

Jetpack will show you your website traffic statics and also share your website/blog posts automatically on Social Media. which is very very important for instant Traffic.

3. Smush

Smush will help to increase your website/blog loading speed. it will compress your blog/website image size.

if your blog/website speed is good, Google will rank is it easy.

4. Bing Webmaster (Bing URL Submission)

It will help to submit your post URLs automatically in Bing Search Engine. it’s very important for getting rank in Bing Search Engine.

5. Blog2Social

It will help to share your post on many Social media websites and directories automatically. You should use it in Your WordPress Website.

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