Want a blue tick on your Twitter account?


If you would like to be a ‘special person’ within the world of social media, the great news is that Twitter has announced the resumption of the method of putting a blue tick on ordinary users’ accounts.

Twitter has announced that it’ll be re-launching its verification system in 2021 which popular opinion is going to be taken under consideration.


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Under the new policy, Twitter will initially verify six sorts of accounts, including officialdom, companies, brands, nonprofits, news, entertainment, sports and social organizations, and other influential figures.

According to the corporate, these categories are going to be expanded over time.

Twitter’s Blue Tick aims to authenticate public figures’ accounts, but the method was halted for the overall public in 2017 when the corporate was at a loss on the way to tell people the way to verify.

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What does it mean?

In 2018, Twitter announced improvements to the verification system, which lengthened the acquisition of Bluetooth, but it didn’t work.


This year, the accounts of medical professionals are verified by Twitter, but it had been limited to bus code 19.


Now the corporate has decided to form this facility available to everyone and has shared a draft of the new policy, on which public feedback is going to be sought.

The details of the policy emphasize which accounts are often verified and why some accounts won’t be included within the process.

For example, Twitter says that the account should be visible and dynamic, while people whose profile isn’t complete won’t be considered.

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Accounts that still violate the site’s rules also will not be verified by Twitter.

The company also acknowledged that it’s verified accounts over the years that ought to not are, and can now begin removing Bluetooth from incomplete profiles or inactive accounts.


The company also provided details that might allow the user to understand the way to determine a category’s account.

For example, media organizations need to follow the principles of journalism, while independent or freelance journalists need to provide 3 articles published within the last 6 months during a good organization.

People are going to be ready to give their opinion on this new policy from November 24 to Immaculate Conception, 2020.

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After Immaculate Conception, Twitter will train its team on the new policy and therefore the final policy is going to be introduced on December 17, while the appliance process for the verification system will begin in early 2021…

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