New Features In WhatsApp & Secrets Of WhatsApp Chatting


New Features In WhatsApp & Secrets Of WhatsApp Chatting: Watsapp is the world’s most popular messaging application, which is more than 2 billion users.

That’s why Watsapp works continuously on new features so that its users do not turn any other messaging app.

Usually, these new features come to the first beta program and after passing through different trial stages, all users are aware.

In the coming weeks or months, many features will be introduced by WhatsApp, which is not yet known.

But there are some features that are currently present in beta versions and hopefully, users will be available in the coming weeks or months.

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Secrets Of WhatsApp Chatting (1)
New Features In WhatsApp & Secrets Of WhatsApp Chatting

Messaging Re-Actions

Features of Messaging Actions in Facebook Messenger is present for a long time and now it will also be introduced in Watsapp very soon.


Facebook Messenger is familiar with this feature, and Watsapp will also be able to respond to a message on a message.

For how many amuse wats are available in the app, it is not possible to say anything.

New Style of Chat Bubbles

Users spend more time on Windows on Watsapp and that’s why the company wants to improve this experience.

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That is why green bubbles look around your messages are being designed so that these bubbles can be more attractive.

Better Contact Card

The android version of Watsapp will be introduced quickly to the company’s better design contact card.

At this time the contact card looks only photos, calls, text, and video call options in the design card will also be available, will be the option to send a text in the Contact Card.


New photo editing tools

Watsapp is being served on a photo editor who is currently available from the photo editor available in stores.

From this photo editor, users will add stickers to the photos and they will be able to do them, as well as text and Amazes will be included in the photos.

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Updated Voice Messages

The voice Messages feature is also updated by Watsapp.

Now consumers will also be able to hear before sending Voice Messages, while VIVER will also be displayed by WhatsApp.

This feature is also available in the beta version, which will continue for a while after which it will be introduced for ordinary users.


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