New Features Introduced In iPhone For Your Children’s

Apple has started testing features prevention of non-moral images to protect children in iPhones.

According to Mac Rumor, the Apple Commissioner Safety feature has been added to the Messages app in the new beta version of the IOS 15.2.

This feature will have to make consumers themselves, aimed at preventing children from accessing non-moral images and scan photos and pictures received for this purpose.

If a photosystem is unclassified, it will fade the image and warn the child and warn the content will be said that it is better to see that.

This feature will be part of Apple’s Family Sharing System, whose aim is to offer resources to help infected children.

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Apple was announced to introduce this feature in August 2021, but now a major change has been made in the feature presented.

Now, this feature will not send parents at the moment when the child will be decided to see the unusual image.

The baby will now decide whether or not to choose anyone on any inappropriate image or not.

This feature will not affect the feature of and tow and the encryption.

In August when the company announced this feature, it was part of 3 features that children were designed to protect children from sexual violence.

But the company had subsequently put the features in which it was due to various constituencies to protect privacy.

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This feature will be available for all users and will be in the same form or not, it is difficult to say right now.

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